Overview of our Services

From prevention to diagnosis to therapy

Prevention and recognition are the key components to understand of its causes, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Ophthalmologic Examination

    Ophthalmologic Examination

    Eye exams and treatments anterior and posterior sections In addition to standard examinations to determine visual acuity in combination with spectacle lens consultation (including lenses), the eyeglass prescription, contact lens consultation, control and repeat order, we offer a variety of…

  • Glaucoma Screening

    Glaucoma Screening

    Glaucoma Screening / Early Detection of Glaucoma Glaucoma is a disease of the eyes of which approximately 2.4% of the total population aged 40 and older are affected. With higher age, the frequency rises to about 7%. There are already…

  • Laser Treatment

    Laser Treatment

    Laser Treatment Laser treatment is a modern ophthalmic method that can be used effectively in various eye diseases. The first light treatment was performed in 1949 at the University Hospital Hamburg with concentrated sunlight. Today, it has greatly advanced into…