Special Services

Special Services

Special Services

Consultation on LASIK (laser eye surgery)

You prefer not to wear glasses. Contact lenses annoy you. You are considering laser eye surgery but you are afraid of the potential dangers.

We value your safety concerns. We provide comprehensive advice and also suggest various options that work!

LASIK stands for Laser In Situ Keratomileusis. It is currently the most common method of laser eye vision correction and is considered very fast, safe and comfortable. The cornea of the eye is removed with a laser procedure and reshaped so that the visual acuity improves immediately and permanently. Treatment with LASIK is particularly recommended for nearsightedness (myopia) to -8 diopters, with farsightedness (hyperopia) to +3 diopters and astigmatism to +5 diopters.

The treatment for each eye lasts no longer than 10 minutes and is carried out in the non-sensitive part and not on the inner surface of the cornea. Possible side effects such as a foreign body sensation or glare often end within the first four to six weeks. Permanent damage will only occur in less than 1%.


Care after Laser Eye Treatment

The follow-up after laser eye treatment starts immediately after the surgery. It is advisable to keep the eyes closed for about five hours after the surgery for full recovery. Eye drops are provided as part of the recovery treatment. After having the LASIK treatment, it is recommended to make follow-up visits with us for check-ups.

Consultation for Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery removes excess skin which is usually present on the upper eyelid. Sometimes there is also strong wrinkling in the lower eyelid which may lead to a swollen eyelid.

With a preliminary drawing we illustrate how the excess skin looks and explain what kind of problem exists and what is medically feasible. Whether there is a proliferation or a reduction in the eyelid skin and whether an eyebrow lifting is recommended or not.


Minor Surgical Procedures in the Eyelid

The appearance of a person is very much influenced by his eye region. We are most positive about a person who looks at us with open eyes. On the other hand a face with wrinkled eyelids conveys tiredness, aging and sadness.

Also barley grains, warts or droopy eyelids do not leave a positive impression. Furthermore, these symptoms can also impair vision.

A drooping eyelid can obscure the pupil partially or even completely. The eyelashes rub on the cornea if the lower lid is rolled inwards. There is an overflow of tear fluid if it is rolled outwards. Both deformities can be corrected surgically in our practice.

The eyelids skin contains loose connective tissue and therefore loses its elasticity over the years. In result, drooping eyelids and wrinkles occur. To remedy this problem, we offer eyelid blepharoplasty which removes excess fat and skin providing tighter and more attractive skin.