Orthoptics / Children Consultation

Orthoptics / Children Consultation

Orthoptics / Children Consultation

Our visual training is aimed at children, teenagers and adults.

The focus is on early detection, treatment of strabismus, eye movement disorders and visual impairment. Two specially trained orthoptists (prevention, diagnostics and therapeutic measures) support our ophthalmologists.

In orthoptics, there are two topics for children. First, children squinting (strabismus). Strabismus is not considered a disease but if left untreated leads to a lifelong visual impairment. Therefore, every child by the age of two should be examined by an orthoptist. Second, dyslexia. A child might not have a learning disability but suffers from visual impairment.

As for adults, they need to have a proper vision in their work environment, especially when working on a computer.


In early diagnosis the following criteria are considered:

  • visual acuity
  • the eye position
  • the cooperation of both eyes
  • the refractive power of both eyes
  • spatial vision
  • the mobility of the eyes


Following treatment of conditions such as :

  • amblyopia
  • strabismus
  • head tilt positions
  • head and eye pain
  • different refractive power of both eyes
  • reading and spelling weakness
  • general, neurological and thyroid disease with ocular involvement
  • nystagmus


Keeping in mind the symptoms as described above, also watch out for :

  • double vision or blurred vision
  • blink, wink and squint
  • reaching over and stumbling
  • concentration problems