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From prevention to diagnosis to therapy

Prevention and recognition are the key components to understand of its causes, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Examination


    Examination includes eye exams and treatments of anterior and posterior eye sections

  • Glaucoma Screening

    Glaucoma Screening

    The risk of glaucoma increases with older age, precautionary detection is recommendedgkeit mit dem Alter steigt

  • Laser Treatment

    Laser Treatment

    The laser therapy enables the effective treatment of various diseases

  • Macular Degeneration

    Macular Degeneration

    We detect changes in the center of the retina that restrict vision

  •  Natural Remedies

    Natural Remedies

    We use natural remedies that are often as effective as conventional medicine

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We, the Ophthalmologists KuDamm 54, want to provide the best service possible.

The vision is precious. Every day we learn how impaired vision, diseases and injuries of the eye cause problems and anxiety for those who are affected. Generally, the knowledge of our eyes is relatively limited. Various damages can be avoided. Therefore, our focus is prevention.
In our diagnosis you benefit from the most advanced research facilities that allow the representation of fine details of the eye, thus allowing very precise conclusions about the disease. Our treatment options which include holistic natural healing methods complete our approach following the highest ophthalmic skills.

We keep you in focus — enjoy your vision!

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